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Leftovers: Ma ’n Pa Grocery

A Long Beach staple for the District:


Measured against the bulldozed bulk of Long Beach history, Ma ’n Pa Grocery seems like a place that could’ve been easily erased from its adorable corner near the Colorado Lagoon. But that it remains is a testament to its charm—the market, full of Iowa-by-the-sea spirit, is as much a part of the community as any of the finely furnished homes that otherwise define the neighborhood.

Familial in more than just name, Ma ’n Pa has long cultivated a friendly, always-there-for-you atmosphere. That the place operates like a general store—stocked with produce, prepared foods and all the household essentials in between—is only part of the appeal. The rest of the market’s accessible reputation is earned by its easygoing attitude. And this is a trait obvious even from the street, where hand-painted advertisements color the grocery’s cabin-like exterior, picnic tables sit along the sidewalk and a rack of communal books waits at the ready for any hungry readers.

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